Once upon a time

in 2011 in Leeds...(your typical fairy story), Matt realised that his love of crafting cool, geeky Hama bead products could be more than just a hobby. He turned to his beloved Sarah and thus Retr8bit was formed! Now you can purchase the team's awesome products online or at a variety of expos and conventions across the UK. Both members of Retr8bit are big fans of video games, anime and general geekdom, so the passion behind the brand is strong!

Status: Founder & Chief Hama Bead Crafter
As the founder and main crafting persona of the Retr8bit crew, Matt has spent the last 3 years developing Retr8bit from a part-time hobby into a part-time job. Starting out making simple sprite images of his favourite television characters, this sparked into something greater when he rediscovered Hama beads back in 2011. Now thanks to the support of friends, customers, and fans, he can support himself through his education to become a Digital Information Manager, whilst getting to work for fun!


Status: Sales Manager and Social Media Admin.
Part time music composer and part time Sales lady, Sarah helps in keeping things running smoothly during conventions and aims to greet everyone with a bright smile and bubbly personality. Alongside making sure conventions are both fun and successful, she also helps to manage the social media page on Facebook, answering questions and messages received. Also on occasion, she helps to make the stock and get things sorted at the last minute.