ALL PRAISE! – Helix Fossil – Accessory


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All Praise Lord Helix! Anarchy shall reign supreme!!

So Twitch plays Pokemon has been one of the most talked about ‘multiplayer’ games of 2014 and it’s still going strong with all the other generations. I have no idea how this came about but I think it’s awesome, and incredibly confusing, how the fan base has just exploded!

In honour of the completion of the game, I’d like to offer the loyal devotes of Lord Helix small trinkets of their chosen deity. These can either be the smaller Black and White Original sprites from the overworld view in Red/Blue, or the more commonly used HD (I couldn’t think of any other way to describe it) Coloured version. The options for what accessory you would like with your sprite are next to the pictures. The coloured helix’s are obviously more detailed, so they cost a bit more but its worth it!

Individually hand crafted with hama beads by myself so may not be identical. Whilst durable, please take care with all items.

Please allow 3 days to make.
(Please note sometimes I may be short on specific colours and will need to restock, at which point I will provide a small discount for the inconvenience of longer production period)

Disclaimer: This is NOT an official product. This item is not endorsed or associated with Nintendo or any of it’s Brands or Assets.
These items are inspired by the Helix Fossil objects from the games Pokemon Red/Yellow/Blue/FireRed/LeafGreen.


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